While traveling is off the table for the time being, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have the joy that travel brings. Now is the perfect time to do some dreaming, research new locations, plan your next trip, and create some of the experiences you have when you travel. Read on to find out how to enjoy travel while staying at home.

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Chris often says that he and I are planners, not dreamers, but during this difficult time, we have decided to become dreamers. While we are still making tons of travel plans, we are also interviewing new guests on our podcast that are opening our minds to new adventures and we are taking time to dream about new possibilities.


You can start dreaming about the places you will go too. You will be amazed at how much joy and hope it will bring. Try these four ways to start dreaming.


1.Read Travel Books

Take some time to read travel books to learn about new locations. Check out The Wordy Traveler from CrateJoy. The Wordy Traveler is a quarterly book subscription for those with wanderlust. Each quarter your curated box will transport you to an amazing destination with hand selected books from travel writers, ethically-sourced tea, and limited edition art print. To top it off, a portion of the proceeds from every box are donated to help the countries they feature. You can enjoy dreaming about travel while helping others around the world!


2.Watch Travel Movies

In addition to reading fantastic books, find time to watch some great travel movies. Check out your stream services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and others to watch to your heart’s content without added costs.


There are a ton of fictional movie options that take place in different locations to whet your appetite. Some of my favorites are Sleepless in Seattle, Casablanca, Dunkirk, Pirates of the Caribbean, Madagascar. You can even play a game asking family and friends to name as many movies as they can with a location in the title. Then add them to your “To Watch” list.


If you would rather watch informational movies about places around the world, be sure to watch Baraka, Happiness, or Nanook of the North.


You can also find great travel videos on YouTube. Check out a few of our favorites like The Planet D and Explorcation. These travel couples will take you on AMAZING adventures!


3.Make a Bucket List


Grab some maps and sit as a family to dream together and make a list. This can be a fun activity for kids of all ages. Make a physical or digital folder and store all of your ideas in one place. If you have teens, share a digital folder with them and let them do some online research and add to the folder as they find interesting new locations and adventures.


Of course, tune into our podcast each Monday to hear about new locations and destinations to prime the pump and scratch your travel itch. We will be interviewing award winning travel experts who will share their travel secrets with you.


If you have smaller children at home, take a look at Our Little Globe. These activity boxes are themed to a new country each month. They provide kids with craft, cooking, coloring, reading & writing activities to inspire them to explore, understand and celebrate the world we live in. Each product promotes the message that different is brilliant. They also include bonus items such as a mini cardboard suitcase, pretend passport & world map.



4.Play Pretend

Be sure to have travel experiences while you are at home to keep you dreaming. Pitch a tent in your home (kids love this), go camping in your backyard, pack a carry-on and spend the night in another room of your home (be sure to pack your favorite travel items), set up a movie night outside, play make believe with your kids, search Pinterest for packing lists from different destinations and save them in your bucket list folder of destinations. Playing pretend brings out your inner child even if you don’t have any at home with you.



Another way to enjoy travel while at home is to purchase travel related items. One in ten jobs globally are related to the travel industry. By making purchases now, you can help support this important part of our global economy and in return you will find some amazing discounts. Here are a few things that you can purchase now:


Season Tickets– Many tourism related businesses are offering discounts or bonuses on season passes or advanced tickets to places like museums, zoos, theaters, and sporting events. Check out places in your state or local area and purchase now to help support local businesses and enjoy the perks! Some attractions are even extending season pass renewal dates for those unable to use their passes during the world-wide travel restrictions.

Tours– Most tour companies are offering huge discounts, are extending deadlines for use, and offering additional discounts for future travel. Do some research and find great deals on tours you are planning to use in the future. Just be sure that they have a flexible change/cancelation policy.

Travel gear– Now is the perfect time to purchase new travel gear! Are you planning a camping trip and need new hiking gear? Is there a piece of luggage that you’re had your eye on? Again, you will find some amazing discounts such as with Beatrice Bradley’s beautiful travel gear that makes packing easier and cleaner. Our listeners receive 30% off site-wide and free shipping with code FLY30. Their items are great to use in your home as well as for travel so you don’t have to wait to use them. The fragrance tassels can keep your home smelling beautifully while you dream of traveling again. Travel items make great Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts so be sure to do some shopping and continue to support this sector of the travel industry. By purchasing now for future use, you are getting AMAZING deals and supporting businesses that employ a large number of people. It’s a WIN/WIN.

Group Eating and Drinking

Eat and Drink

Right now, we can’t dine in restaurants and we can’t jet set to exotic lands for fine cuisine. However, there are ways that we can enjoy food that will give us the flavors from around the world. Here are a few of our favorites:


Japan Crate–  Experience the excitement of Japan. These crates are all about Japanese culture. They recreate the excitement of exploring Japan through everything Japan.


Club Cuvée – Do you want to travel to the beautiful French countryside? Take a look at this Champagne Club with Exclusive French Campaigns. Their Champagne is all premium from small family growers and turned by hand and not by machine. Each champagne is made in small batches of 500-1000 bottles total.


MexiCrate– This is perfect for an inexpensive gift or for bringing a taste of Mexico to your household! Each month you will get a hand selected Mexican candies and snacks delivered to you or whoever you'd like to send a gift to! They have over 150 different candies and snacks in stock, so you are sure to get the best variety each month.


Cameron’s Seafood– Are you longing for the East Coast? Check out Cameron’s Seafood’s 100% authentic Maryland crabs, crab cakes, crab soups and fresh seafood. Get premium, fresh seafood delivered to your doorstep.


Spice Madam– Awarded best global spice, recipe, and culture subscription box! Spice Madam is your one-way ticket to experiencing the world! Explore, discover, and experience a new destination each month through a monthly curated box of spices, recipes, themed music and fun facts from each featured country. This is perfect for personal or gifting uses.


Cucumber Spa

Indulge in Travel Experiences

When we travel to different destinations, we find ways to indulge. Trips should be an escape from the ordinary and an opportunity to try new things. We love to book a spa visit, try new cuisine, snorkel in a new location, take a wildlife tour, or hop in a helicopter for a birds-eye view of our new surroundings. While we can’t do most of those things while staying at home, we are indulging in other ways.


Self-care is a top priority when we cannot get away from it all. One of our favorite options is the self-care subscription box called TheraBox.  Each box includes one research inspired therapeutic activity to wire your brain for more joy. We also get 6 to 8 self-care wellness goodies to reduce stress & enhance our lives! TheraBox aims to inspire more love & happiness in every box through mindfully curated products to feed your mind, body & soul.


We have also set up our own spa experiences at home. We love to use the Calm app for free relaxing music and sleep stories. Their Nature Melodies music is perfect for a spa-like shower or bath. Throw your favorite essential oil in the diffusor and relax and enjoy!


Create your own travel adventure in your neighborhood or woods. If you live in a busy subdivision, go on daily walks and look for new things. Parents in our neighborhood have begun putting things in their windows each day. It started as a counting game for young children, but has blossomed into a fun activity for neighbors of all ages. Be sure to switch up your walking route regularly so that it seems like a new adventure. You can even prepare a walking tour for your family and can take turns being the “tour guide”.



While these are truly unprecedented times, we can all find joy in traveling while staying at home. Whether you are dreaming, purchasing, eating, or indulging, there are plenty of ways that you can add variety to your “travel” experiences. We would love for you to join our podcast each Monday as we interview leading travel experts who will help you continue to enjoy travel.


Click to hear the Fly with Chris and Di podcast Episode 34, How to Enjoy Travel while Social Distancing.



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