This summer, we took a trip back to Walt Disney World. It had been 10 years since we last went to Disney. We LOVED our last trip. Our son was 9 and our daughter was 4. Everything was exciting to them and to us! It was the PERFECT time to take a week long Disney trip, but we had no idea how to have a no drama trip to Disney with teens. Well, the opportunity to visit again fell into our laps and while we were excited to visit WDW again, we truly wondered if it would be fun for our teens. To be more specific, two 14 year old girls! Our daughter and our niece, just months apart, would be our traveling companions for this trip. Now, if you have teenage girls, you know that the one thing you can count on with them is that you can’t count on anything. Once girls reach 13, all bets are off. Parents can’t keep up with what they like, don’t like, their moods, or anything else that changes on a day-by-day or minute-by-minute basis. So, we had NO idea if they would actually like anything WDW had to offer. Knowing this, we took some extra steps with planning that enabled us, and our girls, to have an AMAZING Disney trip. We are going to share all of our tips to help you LOVE your next teen trip to Disney or anywhere else for that matter. Many of the tips will carry over to other amusement parks and some tips will carry over to any trip you are taking with teens. We are going to give you some strategies and ideas that will help you have a no drama trip to Disney with teens and truly enjoy your vacation.