We love cruising, but on his first cruise Chris was a little concerned. What was there going to be for him to do? Will he end up just locked in his room? What will the food be like? Will he be able to eat it? These are a lot of the concerns for first time cruise trips.

If you are afraid of cruising because of food concerns or concerns about being stuck on a ship, don't worry we are going to answer those questions and more on today's episode Cruising 101. We are going to talk about all of the tips you need to know after you decide to book a cruise, so that you can cruise like a pro.


Show Notes

[02:54] After booking a cruise, you need to identify your flight. There are some combination packages available, but you can usually save booking separately.

[03:42] Arrive a day before in case there's some type of delay. Arrive as early as possible.

[04:52] Port cities can be fun. We spent the day before and after our cruise in Barcelona.

[05:50] Also have a game plan if you encounter delays. Talk to the airline right away and let them know that you are a cruise passenger. You can also reach out to the cruise line. If you miss your cruise, you can meet up with them at the next port of call.

[07:50] There are important documents to be stress free. These are your luggage tags at the ship, so your porters can take them to the proper room. Hold off until after your flight. Information in your documents will tell you what is happening to your bags and what you are responsible for.

[09:41] Have a plan in place for getting to the pier. You can take a shuttle, ride share, or take your car and park at the pier.

[10:39] You can also find a Super Shuttle or Uber or Lyft (discount here). You need to have a good plan to get to the port.

[11:20] The porters will be taking your luggage.

[12:04] Cruise lines will have a formal night. Ties, tuxedos, evening dresses. These are a great time for family photos.

[13:16] You will also have informal opportunities. On cruises informal means a jacket and slacks for men and and a dress or pant suit for women. Resort casual is a step-down and it's most nights on a cruise. These are like khakis for men and no tie. The buffet is always casual, and you can wear shorts and a tank top anytime.

[14:00] As a man you need to have pants in the dining room. It gets expensive to purchase pants on a cruise.

[15:12] Cruise lines usually have policies about bringing alcohol. You can usually bring a bottle of champagne or a couple bottles of wine but they do have some limitations.

[16:16] Making your cabin a sanctuary. Bring adapters and USB ports. Power strips are great as well. Keep your important documents and passport in your mini safe.

[18:38] Have a carry on with essentials. All of your documentation, and medication. Bathing suit and change of clothes. Stuff for the kids and clothes for dinner. This packing strategy is key, because it will be hours before you receive your luggage, and it could even get lost.


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