If you are a first time cruise passenger, there is actually a lot to know. In episode 10, we talked about Cruising 101 and how to prepare for your cruise. Today, we take things a step further and tell you everything you need to know to board your ship and have the perfect cruise.

We talk about embarkation day. What to do when you first get on the ship. How to be prepared for the muster. How to communicate with your travel companions without breaking the bank. How to make sure you get booked for the shows and excursions you want. How not to get left at the port, and we even share a smart tip, so that you won’t end up getting off the ship in your pajamas.


Show Notes

[01:57] Embarkation day. Time to get on the ship.

[01:54] You may not have access to your cabin right away. Grab a map and get the lay of the land.

[02:16] Learn what's on each level and where the pools and bars are.

[02:33] It's your seven day home away from home.

[02:53] You can grab lunch and look into booking services and reservations. Look into the shore excursions that you want to check out. It's important to book fast, because things can sell out.

[03:42] Muster drills are like a fire drill for adults. You need to know how to get off of the ship if there is a problem. You are required to go to your muster point. Have your life jacket and plan on getting comfortable. Get there early and find a seat, if possible.

[05:07] Most ships provide you with a daily newsletter. Some also have an app.

[06:47] Highlight what you want to do.

[07:14] There are excursions in a port of call.

[07:34] Shore excursions are available on the cruise line website about six months in advance.

[08:19] Di loves snorkeling. Chris loved going to Pompeii, walking through the ruins with a headset. It's like going back in time.

[10:24] Hiking, shopping, and all kinds of adventures are available.

[10:57] If you go on your own, the cruise line won't wait for you.

[12:12] The ship is quiet when at shore. You can relax on the ship too.

[12:49] Many cabins are equipped with phones. Most ships are cell phone friendly now. Check with your provider. Some ships have Wi-Fi.

[14:19] Make sure you are in airplane mode when you step onto that ship.

[14:55] Walkie talkies can also be an easy way to keep in contact.

[15:18] The ship is a cashless system.

[16:22] Have some cash for tipping or when you get off the ship. There is a currency desk, where you can get local cash. You can see your balance on the TV channel.

[18:03] Flex or open seating options. Assigned seats with the same people.

[19:00] Having the same waiter is one of Di's favorite parts of cruising. They treat you like royalty.

[20:02] There is a buffet and a lot of fast dining options.

[21:16] Celebrating special occasions. They have packages with decorations, cakes, etc. You can renew your vows or get married.

[22:34] Tipping policies are different. You tip about $12 to $14 a day. You can get the automatic tips removed. These are for your steward and waiters.

[24:58] After seven days you have to settle your itemized bill. Go through it and make sure it is correct. There is a long line on the last night. Take care of things beforehand.

[26:32] It's going to take awhile to get the bags off of the ship. You need a carry on in your stateroom, so that you will have clothes for the morning.

[28:12] Have a plan for transportation getting back home.


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