Today’s Episode:
Over the past several weeks, you've had an opportunity to see behind the scenes and get to know us a little bit. Today, is a special episode where we go deeper behind the scenes and give you an opportunity to know a little bit more about Di and her travel adventures. Chris interviews Di about her early childhood travel experience.

Some of her favorite vacation spots, and many surprises along the way. We also discuss some of Di’s top 3 places to go, where she would like to go, and great family adventures. We talk about restaurants, excursions, and more. We hope you enjoy this little peek into Di’s travel history and what she loves the most about it.

Show Notes
[03:08] We've been married for 11 years.
[03:38] Di's Father worked for an airline, and she started traveling at a very young age.
[04:27] Di grew up in Atlanta. One of her favorite travel memories was a station wagon trip to Disney World. Her family and some other family friends formed a caravan and headed to Disney World.
[05:26] Somebody had strapped a camping potty on the roof. It flew off the top and someone had to pull over and pick it up on the side of the road.
[07:27] Her family flew standby a lot. They had to dress up and wait for their name to be called. They also got to fly first class.
[08:27] They had been waiting all day for a flight. Their name never got called, and they were invited to stay in the pilots lounge. They got to sleep on big leather recliners.
[10:11] Di has been traveling since she was an infant.
[10:58] Di loved horses as a child. At least twice she got to go to the Mayan Dude Ranch in Texas.
[12:26] This was an all inclusive resort, where you got to ride trail horses all the time. They also had breakfast wagon trains where breakfast would be at the river. There was tubing and a pool. There were also activities geared for adults.
[15:57] The cabins also had bunks that were like an old mine. It was a kid's wild west dream.
[17:21] Di loves Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina.
[18:52] Her number one vacation would be the Mediterranean Cruise. We went on the Royal Caribbean with Chris's sister and brother-in-law. France and Rome were beautiful.
[21:05] Number two was the London, Paris, Scotland trip we just talked about.
[22:24] Number three was Vegas. We never run out of things to do in Vegas. There are so many things happening and a lot of outside the box things to do there too.
[24:36] Di's favorite family trip with the kids was our California trip. We went to Universal Studios, Sea World, the NBC backlot tour and the Friends set, and we ate at Roscoe's. We also liked In & Out Burger and an unexpected trip to Mexico.
[26:54] We went into Tijuana and accidentally kept going South to get great seafood. We didn't have phone service or GPS. Crossing over the border was an experience. We were happy to get back into the US.
[31:38] The kids loved LA.
[31:54] Di wants to go to Bora Bora. Island, sun, clear water, a hut over the water, Bora Bora sounds awesome.
[33:44] Australia is number two for places that Di wants to go.
[35:06] Number three is Hawaii.
[36:41] Di's top travel peeve is people who don't know how to board a plane.
[37:25] Di's favorite restaurants that we've been to are Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse and Rosie's Cantina in Huntsville, AL.
[39:36] The offroading Jeep Tour in the Dominican Republic with the kids was Di's favorite excursion. You ride an open bus, then ride through sand. Then you get to jump into a crystal clear underwater spring. Then we rode out to a beautiful beach. We were covered from head to toe in mud and had a blast.

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