We are talking about relaxing in Cabo San Lucas. Summer travel can be crowded with so many people taking vacations. Our Cabo trip was amazing. We went in February, and were able to beat the crowds and enjoy relaxing in Cabo. If you live somewhere that has a cold winter climate, Cabo can be the perfect escape.

We are going to walk you through our relaxation trip to Cabo San Lucas and give you advice and pro tips along the way. We’ll tell you about upgrades to get. How to make the most of your airport and transportation to the hotel. We share our entire journey, and our tips for unwinding and relaxing by the pool, meeting people, enjoying great food, and fun games.


Show Notes

[03:20] This was Chris's first relaxation trip.

[03:52] Getting to Cabo requires a long flight. 

[04:05] Our first tip is to upgrade to comfort plus or first class if it's reasonable. Any flight over three hours starts to get uncomfortable in economy. 

[05:05] Tropical airports like the one in Cabo are fun. As soon as you come out of the plane, there is a bar. We had a drink while waiting for our transfer.

[05:56] It's a good idea to have a transfer plan. Get clear on who you are riding with. 

[06:33] The ride from the airport to Dreams, where we stayed, was only a 30 minute ride. You are on the coast the entire time, and it is a nice ride.

[07:24] We stayed at an all-inclusive resort called Dreams. It was quiet and calm and relaxing. 

[08:18] They'll immediately ask if you want to upgrade to the preferred club room.

[08:35] We got a one bedroom suite with an ocean view. There was a gift basket with food and wine. There was a family room with a couch and dining area.

[09:30] There are also special club areas with snacks and premium liquor. There was also an adult pool and beach area. 

[10:38] Our room also overlooked the adult pool. It was quiet and there were scenic sunsets. 

[12:18] The pools have a couple of swim up bars. There were also areas just for the club members.

[13:16] If you go to this property, you don't have to go to the sales pitch to buy in to further vacations. 

[15:06] A couple of our friends were also there at the same time. We planned a deep-sea fishing trip on a chartered boat.

[17:27] It was early and windy and the water wasn't calm. When the boat stopped moving and started rocking Di got motion sickness.

[19:48] After a couple of hours, the captain decided to take Di back to shore. 

[21:40] We also went whale watching. It was a cute little boat and a great deal. We saw a lot of whales. We were right beside them. We also explored the Sea of Cortez and saw seals. 

[24:32] We went to Cabo Wabo after whale watching. Then we hung out at the resort for the next few days.

[26:01] We played cards, scrabble, monopoly, and we met a lot of people. The club area was very relaxing. 

[26:44] We hung out at the pool and relaxed. 

[27:31] There was a spa with a gym, hot tub, cold pool, and sauna. There were also services like massages. 

[28:40] We did not swim in the Sea of Cortez. Most of the areas aren't swimmable beaches. It's too deep and there are undercurrents. We did see whales, and there is horse riding on the beach. 

[29:38] The food was fabulous. The had specialty restaurants, and you didn't need a reservation. 

[31:21] We ate at the poolside restaurant almost everyday. You can also eat in your room. Di's favorite was the seafood restaurant complete with flaming dessert.


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