Worrying about whether your home is safe can really take the fun out of vacation. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to secure your home and create peace of mind so that you can enjoy your trip. Today, we have expert realtor Amy Corey here to share 10 tips that will help secure your home while you are on vacation.

Amy is the realtor that we used to buy a home, sell a home, and to help get us connected with an agent in Tennessee. Amy works by referral only, so she is freed up to focus on the buying and selling of client homes instead of worrying about marketing her business. We think Amy is wonderful and are super excited to have her here today. We also share a funny story about our house buying experience with Amy. 


Show Notes

[05:20] Amy calls herself a real-estate brat because her mom was in real estate for 36 years. Amy is now celebrating 15 years this month as a residential realtor.

[06:10] Any works exclusively by referral in Indiana and all over the country.  She has a top notch group of professional agents that are represented in every state.

[06:35] She has helped many clients move out of Indiana. She has also had the honor of helping the many agents that she networks with.

[07:38] Working by referral gives her the opportunity to put her head down and focus on what's needed whether it's selling or buying. She always hopes to exceed her clients expectations.

[10:46] One of the first and foremost things you can do to protect your home is to get a home security system. They have become much more inexpensive recently. They also add to the resale value when you sell your home.

[11:46] It's nice to have a monitored system with a local presence. 

[13:17] Amy works with an agent at ADT who helps educate clients and find discounts for them. 

[14:23] Hold your mail, packages, and newspaper delivery when you are gone. Have a trusted neighbor keep an eye on things and look for packages. 

[16:40] Keep your lawn mowed and watered. A brown lawn lets people know that you are gone. 

[21:54] When it comes to social media, don't post about your trip until you are back home. 

[23:18] Have a safe at home in case something happens. Put important documents and sentimental items in your safe. 

[25:59] Lock your garage door. There is a manual lock to the side. 

[30:20] Lights are so important for security. Get motion sensor lights for the outside, especially in dark areas. Also have timers for your inside lights and vary the areas and times. 

[33:36] There's a lot of advantages to spending a little to stay safe. 

[34:16] Have the stickers or signs that say that you have a security system. 

[35:52] Quick rundown: Utilize a home security system. Hold the mail. Have a plan for packages and flyers. Don't skip on home maintenance. Be careful on social media. Utilize a safe. Disconnect your garage door and lock it. Install a sensor on outdoor lights. Install timers on indoor lights. Advertise security.


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