Booking a trip or vacation can be frustrating for people who don’t know where or when to look, but it’s possible to save and still have awesome trips when you know where and how to look for the best deals. This is why we invited budget travel expert Nikki Rue on the show today. 

Nikki runs She Saves She Travels where she shares budget travel tips, inspiration from her trips, and more with her readers. Nikie gives us great tips on the best time to book a flight, why it’s so important to be flexible with dates and airports, and she shares some little heard of subscription services that can save travelers big bucks to local and exotic locations. 


Show Notes

[02:36] Nikki Rue runs the travel blog She Saves She Travels. She has been traveling for years. It's her goal to break the myth that you have to be rich to travel.

[03:14] She teaches people how to budget and prioritize their trips through her site. She also gives awesome travel tips and shares inspiration about the trips that she has been on. 

[03:34] Nikki is flexible with her travel dates. Traveling in the off season or on Wednesdays and Tuesdays is less expensive. 

[05:22] You may be able to find cheaper flights at a different airport. You can also fly into neighboring towns. Major airports are a little less expensive. 

[08:03] Try going into incognito mode in your browser to find a cheaper flight. 

[10:09] You can sometimes get better deals by booking separate flights, because you could use different airlines for each flight. 

[11:33] Be creative and look at different options. 

[12:30] Let the flight prices come to you. You can do this through discount subscription services like Next Vacay. 

[14:48] Nikki shares her favorite subscription services like FareDrop, Scott's Cheap Flights, and Secret Flying. People don't realize the value of these services. 

[16:48] Kayak is also awesome for looking at flight prices. Flights are usually the best price from 60 to 90 days out. 

[18:22] The time of day also matters. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are good times to look for flights. 

[19:39] The three favorite places that Nikki has been to are Hawaii and the island of Kauai, Turks and Caicos, and any beaches or anywhere she can relax. 


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