Taking advantage of frequent flyer programs is a great way to save on flights and upgrade to a more comfortable flight. You can also use some points for other things like merchandise or even drinks. It can get confusing trying to make sense of all of the options. This is why we are sharing our experience on how to maximize those benefits and get the most out of your miles program.


We talk about how to become a frequent flyer member. If you're already a member, don't worry, we have stuff for you too. We talk about some of the benefits of being a frequent flyer. We also talk about how to sign up for frequent flyer programs, and we also talk about how to get the most out of your miles. We also wrap up the show with a comparison of three different airlines and the benefits that they provide. We’ve done the research, so you can just enjoy the benefits. 


Show Notes


[02:45] Being part of a frequent flyer plan really makes you feel special. It also makes purchase of tickets and check in really easy. The airline will have all of your information including pre-check to make the security experience much easier.

[04:08] Your information is also already stored, so you don't have to waste time retyping your information every time you purchase a new ticket. 

[04:35] Another great benefit is earning free flights. You can use your points for flights or extras like upgrades, baggage fees, and drinks.

[07:16] You can also trade your points for experiences or merchandise or even Amazon gift cards.

[08:08] It's easy to sign up for frequent flyer miles. Go to the airline website and click on the join now button. Once you enter your information, you'll get a frequent flyer number. We keep our information on a spreadsheet. Take a picture and keep the info on your phone.

[11:02] Make sure your frequent flyer number is connected to your ticket when you purchase the ticket from other online sites. 

[13:36] Airlines want to build brand loyalty, and they want you to be members. Staying loyal to one brand will help you maximize your miles. 

[16:10] Saving your miles for the most expensive tickets will save you more money. It's always great to upgrade to even comfort plus. Be flexible with your flight time to maximize points. Sometimes miles to upgrade aren't the best use. Save the miles for purchasing tickets.

[18:16] American Airlines AAdvantage they provide miles with 34 partners. You can use the miles for a lot of different things. There are four elite status levels including gold, platinum, executive platinum, and platinum pro. These miles do expire after 18 months. 

[20:00] With Delta SkyMiles, you earn 5 SkyMiles for every dollar. There are also partner airlines. You can also earn on purchases with credit cards. Miles can be used for travel, upgrades, and merchandise. Medallion status gives you unlimited upgrades. Miles never expire.

[22:54] Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards program. This is based on the amount of money you spend. They're also no blackout dates, and the points never expire. You can also get companion tickets which are two tickets for the price of one.

[24:48] Benefits often change over time, but these are updated as of today.


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