We talk with a young CEO who runs a company that empowers women to travel the world with other women in a way that feels safe and removes stress and uncertainty. This is a perfect solution for women who haven't found the right travel partners and are reluctant to tackle solo international travel. It’s a pleasure to talk with this young entrepreneur about her journey, her business, and her love of travel and empowering others.  Cienna Richards is the CEO of Your Life Travel Club where Cienna and her team create amazing all inclusive group travel experiences at exciting locations around the world.

If you're a woman who would like to travel with other women but can never get a group together or don't have a core group of friends who want to travel, this service is perfect for you, because Cienna is going to tell us all about why you should be traveling the world with other women. Let's fly.

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Show Notes:

[03:12] Cienna Richards is the CEO of Your Life Travel Club. It's a business that holds international travel retreats for women. She started it about a year ago when she was 22 years old.

[03:52] Her personal mission is to empower women to travel more and be safe while doing so.

[04:28] Make sure you choose the right people or person to travel with. 

[05:59] Get to know the world. It's amazing to travel and learn about different cultures and food. You'll see the world in a different light. The locals can give you a deep dive into their world. 

[07:43] Cienna shares a story about not feeling well in Madrid and being helped by this beautiful woman who took her to the hospital and pharmacy. 

[11:15] Budgeting is essential for travel. It's easy to overspend. Plan things out before you start out. Running out of money isn't fun. Also plan a hotel that is close to the airport. 

[15:28] Women traveling together develop strong bonds. 

[17:30] Women are able to stick together and form a beautiful bond and are able to protect each other. The travel club helps women to find women to travel with and get to know and form bonds with other women.

[19:59] The stress is taken out of the trip because everything is planned including food, airfare, hotel room, and activities. 

[21:25] Cienna started college when she was 16. She was considering becoming an international business lawyer. She graduated at 20 years old. She changed her major to advertising. She worked at a TV station. 

[23:38] She started traveling and fell in love with traveling. She then went back to school to get a degree in a medical profession. 

[26:04] No matter what she changed her major to, her goals revolved around travel. It was a windy path to get her to where she is today. 

[27:58] She is passionate about seeing women and other people succeed. It's hard to find what you are supposed to do for the rest of your life. Her goal for her company is to empower women and build a community to uplift each other.

[30:00] Your Life Travel Club is going to have an Ultimate Girls Trip to Madrid Spain. It's on July 11th of 2021. The trip is all inclusive including airfare and there's a cooking class, flamenco show, and a professional photo shoot. There are four spots out of 10 left. Fly with Chris and Di listeners will get their $99 deposit waived.

[32:50] Chris asks Cienna what her favorite spots are. She includes Zurich Switzerland, Madrid Spain, and Italy in general.  

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