Would you like to spend time in nature without all of the work and inconvenience of traditional camping? If so, Glamping might be the vacation or getaway option you’ve been looking for. Ruben Martinez is the co-founder of GlampingHub, a platform that brings together people looking for unique accommodations with hosts who are creating these spaces. It’s like Airbnb, but for unique glamping experiences to explore nature in a comfortable setting.  

Ruben shares information about his platform and the glamping world. The GlampingHub platform began in 2013 and boasts over 30,000 accomodations now. According to Ruben, people are surprised to find out that there are unique glamping experiences in their local areas. It’s also a great business for hosts who want to create and host unique spaces and experiences that can generate high margins. The platform features really fun options like treehouses, Airstream glamping, safari tents, tiny houses, and more. These unique luxury accommodations make nature accessible while still being able to enjoy the comforts of home.   

Show Notes:

[01:41] For Ruben glamping includes direct access to mother nature, a certain level of comfort, and a uniqueness to the structure and surrounding area.

[02:29] Some options include staying in an Airstream, container house, or a tree house. The idea is to help city dwellers escape to nature while remaining comfortable.

[03:36] GlampingHub is like an Airbnb for the outdoors. It's a booking website that allows you to search through thousands of options in your area. 

[04:39] They wanted to bring all of the information together so that people could easily find unique outdoor experiences.

[06:38] Ruben loves camping, but his young daughters need a little more comfort than comes with traditional camping. Glamping also lets people who are new to camping enjoy the outdoors without buying a lot of expensive equipment.

[09:24] Many people who love the outdoors want to create an experience that they've had and hosting is the perfect way.  It also makes good business sense to open up these semi permanent structures.

[10:43] A lot of them are more in tune with the environment as they help people get in touch with mother nature.

[11:07] The average cost can be a bit more than a hotel stay, because you are getting a unique experience with nature. The margins are good for the hosts.

[12:06] Every business is trying to take a bigger piece of the millennial pie. Glamping naturally fits with their priorities. Millennials enjoy experience based traveling.

[14:35] GlampingHub has over 30,000 properties worldwide. There are fantastic options in places like Australia and South America.

[16:04] People are starting to realize that investing in the glamping space makes sense. The economy has really grown.

[20:53] Being able to get outside is really important to people's physical and mental state right now.

[21:39] Glamping is the opposite of a cruise, so it may be a good way to distance yourself right now. This type of travel at this time could make sense for some people.

[23:23] This type of industry could be more resilient and bounce back faster during these times.

[24:20] There are a lot of reviews on GlampingHub that will help you figure out what type of accommodation is right for you.  

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