We are talking about small ship cruises today. These are very different from your typical cruise. The smaller ships can go to more exotic ports and explore places where the larger ships can’t go. It’s also a much more intimate trip with the crew and other passengers. Our guests today are Deb and Dave from The PlanetD which was named by Forbes as a Top 10 Travel Influencer in the World!  Deb and Dave are award winning travel bloggers and have been featured on CNN, the BBC, Lonely Planet, National Geographic, Vogue, the Today Show, and more! Their travel videos are amazing!

After listening to them talk about exploring the Amazon and camping under the stars in Antarctica, it’s hard not to want to go on one of these adventures. We know that you are going to love them as much as we do! They are so fun and we can’t wait to dive into our time with them. So, let’s fly!

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Show Notes:

[03:20] Deb and Dave started their travel blog in 2008. They kicked things off with a cycling trip from Cairo to Cape Town. They wanted to do something epic to put their names on the map.

[04:02] They started out by branding themselves as an adventure couple, but soon realized they might not be able to keep it up.

[04:33] As their travel style changed, they realized that adventure was for everyone. It's different for everyone and doesn't have to be epic.

[05:23] Small ship cruising has become a whole new adventure for Deb and Dave. They've gone to Antarctica and Greenland. They've also gone down the Amazon River and down the Panama Canal with a group of 40 people.

[06:01] Taking a small cruise ship is a very up and personal experience.

[07:37] You can sign up for different activities and that makes the group even more intimate.

[08:43] There are also different levels of activities. At dinner you get to share your experiences of the day.

[09:22] There are also options for dining for two.

[10:59] In Panama and Costa Rica, they had a lot of beach time. There were also kayaks and paddleboards out to use. The ships have hot tubs on them.

[11:43] Short cruises can range from 7 to 20 days.

[12:33] Antarctica was Dave's favorite cruise. 

[14:03] On small ship cruises, you're able to explore different places and go down smaller tributaries. This works great for exploring the Amazon or Greenland.

[16:17] You need to bring warmer clothes and pack in layers for Antarctica. The cruise will usually furnish parkas and boots.

[17:03] On a small cruise, you also get to hang out with the captain.

[18:20] Most of the rooms are either suites or at least facing out, so you can see the ocean.

[19:51] There are fascinating lectures, films, games, and a happy hour. 

[22:30] Deb and Dave have never had a bad small cruise ship experience even though they've gone on several different ships.

[23:04] There's a chef on board creating five course meals with wine pairings. There's only a breakfast buffet. They have table service for lunch and dinner.

[25:09] Prices usually start around $3,600 a person and can go up to a lot more. Everything is included, so it kind of evens out. 

[27:55] It's really a unique luxury experience. 

[30:32] Deb's favorite experience was kayaking in Antarctica. It was an incredible experience with penguins, seals, whales, and icebergs.

[31:18] Dave liked camping in Antarctica and sleeping under the stars and a full moon.  

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