We love to travel and love to talk about travel. Our plans have been put on hold for a while, but that doesn’t mean that we still can’t dream, plan, and prepare for our future trips. We had a Vegas trip scheduled for last month that we had to cancel. We are going to talk about ways that you can have fun with travel while still staying safe at home. Now is the perfect time to do some dreaming, research new locations and experiences, and plan your next trip.

Dreaming and planning can be almost as fun as the trip itself. Now is the time to research some of your favorite destinations and potential destinations. Travel books, movies, and maps can all be used to help discover where you want to go and what you want to do. We also talk about fun things you can do at home that are like a vacation. We discuss how to incorporate activities, food, and themes into your planning. There are great deals out there just make sure you understand cancellation policies. We also discuss why it’s okay to pick that date now.

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Show Notes:

[03:06] Dreaming about travel. Travel books and movies are great ways to plan, think, and dream about travel.

[04:12] Chris loved maps when he was growing up. When his family took trips, he was the navigator. Looking at the maps inspired him to dream about the different locations and places that he could someday go.

[05:04] We are more planners and doers than dreamers, but this is a great time for dreaming about future trips. You can also make a list while you're dreaming about your future trips.

[05:57] It's really fun to have something to look forward to. Your kids can get involved in your dream travel list.

[06:17] Diane's travel bucket list includes Bora Bora and Antarctica from last week's episode and Australia. [06:54] Chris wants to go to Africa, Alaska, and Hawaii.

[07:25] When travel is taken away from you, you appreciate it even more.

[07:38] Fun things you can be doing right now thinking outside the box. Make tents inside. Kids can read, do homework, or just get away for a while. Tents in the backyard are fun too.

[10:35] Outside projector movies are another creative thing to do. 

[11:28] Take a trip to your guest room. Pack an overnight bag. Try out your fun travel gear.

[12:34] Theme days are another fun idea. You can learn about different locations or have themes like zoo day. 

[14:02] 1 in 10 people are supported by a travel type industry. Ways to support them include purchasing tickets for future dates. You can also renew your season pass. Keep these businesses thriving. 

[16:28] You can get great discounts with extended times when you purchase tours now.

[16:53] Now's the time to research your new travel gear and help support the industry.

[18:08] Focusing on your future vacation is a great way to get your mind off of some of the things that are going on now.

[19:44] Picking a date is a great way to get started to think about what you want to do.

[20:18] We were supposed to be in Vegas the second week of March. We had airfare, a hotel, a car, and activities planned. People were very accommodating with letting us cancel. 

[21:58] Make sure that flexible cancellation is an option.

[22:49] Airbnb also did a really great job of giving us all of our money back. Always make sure you understand cancellation policies and what the company will allow you to do.

[24:00] We're going to call our first trip the Post-Pandemic World Tour. What are you going to call yours? #NameYourTrip  

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