Hey Fly listeners, we are thrilled to have you with us today. We are your hosts Chris and Di, and if you are anything like us, you are ready to get out of the house and go somewhere, anywhere, as long as you can get the heck out of dodge and see something besides your four walls.  Have you been planning your post quarantine destination? We have, and for this episode, we have lined up some travel industry experts and see where they are planning to take their first post quarantine trip. So buckle up, grab a pen and some paper for notes and let’s fly!

Nikki from She Saves She Travels blog is thinking either Destin, Florida, or Glacier National Park because she has small children and doesn’t feel comfortable flying just yet. Tanya from the Traveling Tanya blog loves taking her family to the beach, so they are going to Gulf Shores, Alabama, and Michelle The Wandering Queen is thinking about Grand Teton’s National Park.  Cienna, the CEO of Your Life Travel Club, is craving Pizza from Italy and is just waiting for the country to open up. Ashley from Alpaca Your Bags Travel feels comfortable taking an 11-night Celebrity Cruises to the S. Caribbean. Di wants to head to a quiet beach while Chris is thinking Vegas Baby!  But no matter where you go, be safe, have fun and drop us a line, tell us where you are going and why it’s such a magical place for you.  

In This Episode:

[00:51] Fly listeners, we are happy to have you with us!

[01:48] Di welcomes Nikki to the show.

[02:12] Nikki from She Saves She Travels blog is sharing her post-quarantine trip options, either Destin, Florida, or Glacier National Park in Montana.

[03:34] They are planning a mid-summer vacation, which one they choose is open.

[04:11] Tanya Shelburne is next up; she is the author of the Traveling Tanya blog.

[04:35] Tanya shares that after quarantine, they will head to Gulf Shores, Alabama.

[05:29] Check out her website for her tips on picking the right beach house or condo for you and your family.

[07:45] Chris and Di share that their refrigerator in the garage has a sticker of every place they have ever traveled.

[08:43] Michelle, the Wandering Queen, speaks about the Grand Tetons National Park being the first place she is taking her family once they have lifted the quarantine.

[09:18] Michelle shares her tips and things she is excited to do.

[11:12] Cienna Richards is the CEO of Your Life Travel Club, shares that Italy is calling her name.

[12:05] Cienna has tips for anyone who hasn’t been to Italy before.

[13:21] Di and Chris talk about where they have eaten pizza in Italy.

[14:49] The last guest is Ashley from Alpaca Your Bags Travel.

[15:23] Ashley, where will you be going post-quarantine?

[15:48] Her first destination is a work trip to St. Lucia, and after that, she will go on an 11 night Celebrity Cruises.

[17:05] How do you feel about getting on a cruise ship? Can you do it?

[17:45] Chris and Di share their #1 pick for their post-quarantine trip is Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina for total relaxation.

[19:50] Di’s shares one of her favorite things in Ocean Isle Beach.

[21:44] For those of you who are beach people, share a moment of bliss with me.

[22:32] Chris says that the beach doesn’t work for him. He wants to go to Vegas, Baby!!

[22:56] He shares that the day that they were supposed to fly out for a week in Vegas, the quarantine hit.

[25:05] We just gave you nine locations to add to your travel list.

[25:22] Let us know your post-quarantine destination of choice on social media @flywithchrisanddi or drop us an email if you are a fly insider.   To become a Fly insider, go to www.flywithchrisanddi.com and sign up!   Be sure to connect with our guests today; they would love to connect with you.  

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