Tanya Shelburne, author of the Traveling Tanya blog is here with us. Tanya is on a mission to inspire busy people like you to make travel a priority by sharing her vacation adventures and travel tips. Like us, she has two teenagers and loves to travel the world. Today, Tanya is going to take us to Italy. Tanya shares all kinds of insights about going to Italy. She even shares a great tool for trip planning and creating your own itinerary.

This episode will have you dreaming about visiting Italy and will give you tools to begin planning now.  She also shares tips for packing and why it pays to pack light. We also discuss transportation and why it’s important to plan in advance. We discuss trains, planning airport to hotel transportation, and traveling through Venice in vaporettos. Talking to Tanya feels like taking a trip to Italy as she shares her favorite hotspots, tours, food, classes, and amazing places to visit. She talks about historic landmarks and where to find the best view in Florence. We discuss Venice, centrally located Florence, and Rome along with how to get the most out of your trip. 

We are recording this in mid-march of 2020 and Italy is under a full lockdown. Everyone is on quarantine due to the impact of the coronavirus. This doesn't mean we can't plan for future travel and have something to look forward to in order to keep our spirits up.   

Show Notes:

[01:33] Tanya is a mom and wife who lives in the Midwest. She has a husband, a full-time job, and two teenage daughters. She also does a lot of volunteer work.

[01:56] She loves to travel and that's why she started a travel blog. She makes time to travel whenever she can.

[02:23] Tanya would like for people to make traveling a priority and not put those trips off.

[03:31] We are recording this in mid-march of 2020 and Italy is under a full lockdown. Everyone is on quarantine due to the impact of the coronavirus. This doesn't mean we can't plan for future travel and have something to look forward to when our spirits are down.

[04:33] Italy is Tanya's favorite place in the entire world. Tanya is passionate about traveling to Italy.

[05:49] She loves travel planning almost as much as she loves the actual travel.

[06:22] Tanya uses Tripmasters for all of her planning.

[06:48] She loves creating her own itineraries. Tripmasters will combine everything and your per person cost. It's not as expensive as you think.

[09:12] You could also get an organized tour, but Tanya likes to plan her own trip with some help from Tripmasters

[10:04] Rome2rio can help you plan your transportation ahead of time.

[13:37] Tanya is also a Rick Steves fan. He has a great app with walking tours that are fabulous. 

[15:57] YouTube is also a great travel and Italy travel resource. There are also great travel blogs like Traveling Tanya

[18:30] Pack what you know you will need. You can always buy stuff there. 

[20:06] Check with your airline about baggage fees before packing. Decide if you want to check your bags or not. 

[21:39] Tanya says it's possible to do a week in Italy with just a carry on and a backpack. The largest bag you can fit in the bin.

[22:36] It's also possible to do laundry in Italy. Learning to pack light will make your experience better.

[24:42] In Venice, you will travel by boat. Often in a ferry. 

[28:32] Without vehicles, you can enjoy the beauty of Venice. 

[29:40] Great things to see our Saint Mark's Square, the Basilica, Doge's Palace, and the old prison. There is also a wonderful old bookstore. There are also neighboring islands and amazing food and wine. 

[35:23] When you visit Europe, you will definitely get your steps in. Pack comfortable shoes.

[36:51] You can also go through guided tours with locals.

[38:50] Florence is south of Venice. It's centrally located and a great home base for exploring many of the different cities in Italy.

[40:40] Tanya's favorite spot in Florence is the Piazzale Michelangelo. The view is amazing.

[46:54] Tanya and her daughters took a cooking class in Florence.

[49:17] Teenagers need downtime and activities. Older traveling companions may need a slower pace. Pay attention and keep your plans flexible.

[50:09] If you go to Italy, you will probably go to Rome. There's more hustle and bustle. Tanya and her family took a day trip there. You could spend a week there, but it's a good idea to see what you can.

[52:11] They went to the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. They also went to the Pantheon.

[54:24] Pizza is available everywhere. Pasta and gelato were also daily things.

[56:00] The best flavor that Tanya ever had was a raspberry gelato.  

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