It is finally time to get to know our other host better.  Today we are going to dig deeper and get to know more about Chris and his travel adventures. He waits until the very end of the episode to share his special story about his favorite childhood travel experience and adds some special guests in on the discussion.  We also discuss Chris’s top 3 places to go, where he would like to go, and great family adventures. We talk about restaurants, excursions, and more. We hope you enjoy this little peek into Chris’s travel history and his most memorable traveling adventures.   

Show Notes:

[03:02] Chris has a special story about his favorite childhood travel experience that he is going to share at the end of the episode.

[04:23] Chris was first introduced to travel on road trips to Nashville.  He was typically the navigator.  

[05:09] Chris grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, which is 210 miles from Nashville. 

[06:18] Chris shares about being in a handbell choir at church as a child with his siblings and cousins.  

[08:45] New York City at that young age was very memorable. The handbell choir traveled to New York City to perform 

[10:08] Later in life Chris moved to New York and lived an hour and a half from New York City.  

[11:26] Chris shares his top three destinations that he has visited in his whole life.  

[12:19] He enjoyed learning about Roman history and Pompeii in Italy and visiting the colosseum.  

[14:55] Their advice is to not fill up on the first course because in Italy there are many courses.

[15:02] Chris shares about their experience in Scotland including St. Andrews and the countryside.  

[17:11] His number three destination is Las Vegas because there is so much to do.  

[19:15] Go cars are a great excursion.  They are little cars that provide GPS that talks to you about different historical sites and where to go.

[20:20] Chris’s favorite family trip is the RV trip, but the kids’ favorite trip is to Los Angeles.  

[20:59] His favorite destination with their extended family was the Dominican Republic.  They went with 20 people at two different times.  It was an all-inclusive resort and there was a lot to do.  

[23:26] The all-inclusive resorts are perfect with kids, especially older kids.  The kids were able to make their own choices and do fun things with safety.  

[25:01] Two places that Chris has not yet been to are Hawaii and Africa.  

[26:34] The third place that Chris still wants to go to is Dubai because it seems so luxurious.  

[28:49] Chris shares about their experience staying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.

[31:02] They were moved to a very luxurious room at the Cosmopolitan Hotel when the room they reserved wasn’t available. 

[33:14] They upgraded to first class on a trip and they brought them cocktails and warm nuts.   

[35:20] Chris’s favorite pancakes are Cracker Barrel's pancakes.  

[36:02] His favorite steak house is Ruth’s Chris.  They really enjoyed their visit to Ruth’s Chris in Keystone at the Crossing in Indianapolis. 

[37:03] If you ever fly through Minneapolis airport, in the main concourse check out pizza at Black Sheep.  

[38:29] Chris’s favorite excursion was their open-air helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.  He would love to do it again on a nice day. 

[40:15] Chris’s earliest childhood experience was their family trip to Orlando.  He calls his Aunt Deborah, and two cousins to share what they remember about their trip. 

[42:35] Chris’s Aunt Deborah shares the facts of this favorite childhood experience to Orlando.  

[44:16] They had their trip outlined with AAA and they stayed in Kissimmee.   

[47:15]  Brian remembers them packing up in their yellow Cadillac (“The Canary”) and driving all night.  

[48:15] Brandy remembers leaving at night time with 3 adults and five children packed in one Cadillac.  They all kept asking, “Are we there yet?”

[50:51] Everyone got along on the trip and didn’t fight, but there was one instance of a spilled Coke on the floor.  

[52:44] They used a paper map for directions, but they also had a CB radio. 

[53:27] Brian remembers their first stop being to a little waterpark on the side of the road.

[55:42] They went to Disneyland and Wet and Wild.  

[57:11] The day after they arrived they went to Disney World.  They also went to Sea World.  

[58:39] They enjoyed going to the pool every day.  

[60:22] They remember staying at Disney all day and seeing fireworks and the parade at the end of the day.  

[61:12] Aunt Deborah’s favorite memory from the Orlando trip was all of them packing into the car. They brought lots of activities and snacks for the car ride. 

[63:48] This trip is so memorable for Brandy because it was their first time going to Disney and it was all of them went together. 

[64:48] This trip is so memorable for Brian because it was a long trip and they were in hot and sunny Florida.     

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