It’s time for part 2 of How to Save Time (and Your Sanity) at the Airport. In part 1, we talked about how to be prepared for your flight. This episode is all about security. We talk about knowing which line you should be in, the 3-1-1 rule for liquids in your carry on bag, and then we go into detail on the three types of lines that you can be in.

We also talk about things you can do to help keep the line moving and not hold up everyone behind you. We also share why we love TSA Pre✓ ® and what you can do to get it. We also talk about the VIP for VIPs called CLEAR and many more travel tips. This episode will save you time and help you to avoid embarrassing mistakes while making it through security like you do it everyday.


Show Notes

[02:22] Security is one of those things that you need to be prepared for. Even seasoned travelers sometimes forget the rules that need to be followed in the security line.

[03:24] Plan ahead because the person in front of you may not be prepared. Check out the TSA website for current and updated security information.

[04:02] 1. Know which line you are supposed to be in. You need to know if you need to be in the regular line or TSA Pre✓ ® . Check your boarding pass or the app to be sure.

[04:51]  2. The 3-1-1 rule is 3.4 ounces or less of liquid per container. You can have one clear plastic quart sized bag with a zip top that contains all of your liquids. 1 bag per passenger. Medications and breast milk can be exceptions.

[07:07] The above rules are for your carry on bag. You can put more liquids in a checked bag.

[08:22] Now we are going to talk about the regular line, the TSA Pre✓ ® line, and the CLEAR line.

[08:36] If you don't travel a lot or can't get security clearance, you will likely go through the regular line.

[09:13] You may have to remove your shoes. Pay attention to what others around you are doing. Be prepared and wear something easy to take off and put on. Don't block the line while lacing your shoes.

[10:40] You will also have to remove your laptop, bag of liquids, everything in your pockets, and your belt and jacket. Prepare before you get up to the front of the line.

[11:46] Don't bring weapons and listen to TSA.

[12:13] Put the things in the bin that go in the bin. Put your carry on onto the belt and push things forward.

[13:05] Walk through the scanner. Put your feet on the mark, raise your arms, and listen to the instructions.

[13:38] Once through, grab your items and move out of the way.

[14:57] We love TSA Pre✓ ®. You can purchase it for $85 for five years.

[16:14] To be qualified you need to go through a background check. Certain airports allow you to do this while you are there. You can also do it at outside locations.

[17:22] Once you get your known traveler ID, you will use it every time you book a flight.

[18:23] The TSA Pre✓ ® line is shorter, and you don't have to remove your shoes. You don't have to take out your laptop or liquids. You get VIP service. You go straight through. There is no body scanner. You still have to take your keys and phone out. Although, you could still be randomly selected to be scanned.

[19:52] Make sure you know what you are doing in the line. Not all airports have it, and it’s not always open.

[21:22] CLEAR is like VIP VIP. Atlanta and Minneapolis have this. A few airports have this. it's $15 a month or $99 a year with Delta SkyMiles, $79 for platinum and gold, and free for diamond members.

[23:02] They use a retina scan and fingerprint. There is a person at the kiosk that help you move through quickly. They take care of security identification and allow you to walk straight up to the bins.

[25:05] CLEAR helps because TSA Pre✓ ® lines are getting longer. It's about saving time for consumers.

[26:36] Carry on bags are one of Dianne's pet peeves. Chris likes not having to wait for checked bags.

[28:22] Know the size that your airline allows.

[29:24] Avoid liquids or keep in mind the 3-1-1 rule.

[30:17] Watch the weight of your bag too.

[30:50] They ask people to check roller bags for a reason. If they are asking, go ahead and check it. Most of the time, you get it when you get off the plane and if it is checked, there is no charge.  

[33:10] If the overhead bin is closed, that means that it's full. Put your personal item under the seat not in the bin. Keep your comfort items close to you.

[36:24] Think about breakables. Sometimes it's more beneficial to ship them back.

[37:17] Some airlines are guaranteeing shorter wait times for checked bags.

[38:25] Tune in for part 3, next week, when we talk about boarding the plane.

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