Fun adrenaline filled adventures that you can enjoy off the Vegas Strip is our topic today. We hesitated before vacationing in Vegas. We thought it would just be about gambling. Once we gave it a shot, we discovered that there are so many fun things to do in Vegas from shows to sporting events to unforgettable off the Strip adventures.

We have been to Vegas four times in the last three years, and in this episode we share three fun adventure that we loved. In fact, one of them is Chris’s all time favorite. Las Vegas turned out to be amazingly clean, shiny, and beautiful, and if you value experiences the way we do, you will love the adventures we share with you today.

Show Notes

[05:01] There are so many things to do in Vegas on and off the strip. We find the majority of our Off the Strip Adventures on TripAdvisor.

[05:15] Go to TripAdvisor > look at things to do > search outdoor activities > look for adrenaline and extreme activities.

[05:49] Red Rock Canyon Adventure. We went by slingshot.

[06:44] A slingshot is an amazing vehicles that is a cross between a three-wheeled motorcycle and a sports car. It's like driving a cool car, but everyone is looking.

[07:54] We went in October and the weather was beautiful. The temperature drops away from the strip.

[09:06] It got cold, and we had to stop at Target and bundle up.

[10:01] This adventure was a combination of renting a slingshot and visiting Red Rock Canyon.

[10:54] Red Rock Canyon is a 13-mile breathtaking scenic route. If you go here, bring you a camera because there are tons of neat things to take pictures of even the signage.

[11:39] With your own vehicle, you are on your own schedule. So, if you want, you can pull over and hike or do whatever you want.

[12:05] If you're a hiker, you may want to use different transportation than the slingshot, because it doesn't really have any storage.

[12:37] Once your at Red Rock, you can horseback ride, fly in a hot air balloon, rock climb, or just nature watch.

[13:43] Our next adventure is Bullets and Burgers. We purchased our package at CVS.

[14:43] This was Chris's favorite excursion of all. We took an open door helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.

[15:48] They pick you up at your hotel. It was fun even riding the bus.

[17:01] When you first get there, you go on a ride on the world's longest monster truck. One of the people in the group was afraid of the monster truck. You spin around on the sand and go over cars and ramps. It was super fun.

[18:20] Then we suited up for the helicopter ride in flight gear. There were six or seven people in the group.

[19:13] Chris had the outside seat. It was his 40th birthday. There are no doors, but they harness you in.

[20:26] You have headsets on and the pilot explains what you see. You go to the edge of the Grand Canyon. At the edge, suddenly you see hundreds of feet below you. Chris's heart dropped.

[22:33] You can see where eagles build nests. It was an amazing adventure. This is Chris's number one adventure. Then afterwards you have lunch, and talk to the rest of the group.

[24:15] The Las Vegas Rock Crawler is also fun and exciting. This is a Jeep ride where you meet in the parking lot. You get in a big tire lifted Jeep. The also sell these.

[25:42] You head to Logandale and stop at a gas station and let air out of the tires, so the Jeep will rock crawl better.

[26:04] You are in a Jeep caravan with about six Jeeps.

[27:05] You crawl through rocks and sometimes, you are almost vertical. It looks scary, but they show you how to do it.

[29:04] After the rocks, you get to race around in the dunes. It was super fun.

[30:33] There are a ton of sporting events in Vegas. They have MMA, boxing, rugby, hockey, NASCAR, and the NFL Raiders will also soon be in Vegas.

[31:12] There are opportunities to get off of the strip and experience sporting events. If your a gambler, you can even bet on the events.

[32:36] We went to the Rugby Sevens match in Las Vegas. People wear costumes. It was fun, and we saw crazy wacky outfits. There is also a food court village that has food from around the world.

[34:46] There are tons of things to do off the strip. These are our faves! Let us know what you like to do!


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