Traveling can take a toll on your fitness if you don’t make an effort to make smart choices and keep fitness top of mind. This is why we have Cha Rae Smith and Michelle Stoltz from Fitness Sisters on the show today to talk about staying on track with health and fitness goals while traveling.

Cha Rae began Fitness Sisters to keep herself motivated when fitness started falling by the wayside with her busy schedule. Michelle is a founding member and admin. Fitness Sisters began as a Facebook Community that offered support for women and their fitness goals. They have grown beyond that, and Fitness Sisters is now a one stop shop for support, accountability, and motivation. They even have an app coming out soon.


Show Notes

[02:54] Cha Rae started the Fitness Sisters Facebook group in order to help her become more fit. The group grew organically and grew to about 5000 members in a year. The purpose is to offer support and encouragement with fitness goals.

[04:04] Cha Rae is a busy mother of three with a full-time job, and she also goes to school.

[04:12] It felt like she didn't have any time in the day for fitness or proper nutrition. She was going backwards with her fitness goals.

[04:47] She wanted to show her children that there is always time in the day to make progress towards your goals.

[05:15] Fitness Sisters is a place for everyone to connect, support, and relate to each other.

[06:05] There is the private Facebook group which is women only. Men can like and support the main page.

[07:35] Michelle is an admin leader for Fitness Sisters.

[09:03] Prepping for meals when on vacation. Find a place to stay with a kitchen.

[09:26] Start the day with a healthy breakfast made at wherever you are staying.

[10:40] You can have a bonding moment at the table planning the day.

[12:07] Find items that are healthy and still taste good. Watch those carbs.

[14:53] Keep in mind that the reason you do what you do is to be healthy. Have fun in moderation.

[16:25] Have one workout day while on vacation. Get a national gym membership. You can also make fitness tasks like using the stairwell (make the elevator off limits) and walk while sightseeing.

[19:45] Fitness Sisters has an app coming out soon!


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