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Our friend Keith Dix the owner of Touchdown RV is here with us today to talk about some of the obstacles that first time RVers face and how to overcome those obstacles. Chris and I have been RVing for several years now, but it wasn’t always that way.

From driving the big vehicle to hooking up the lines, there are a lot of unanswered questions that first timers have. We want to help answer these questions and more, so you can enjoy all of the benefits of RVing without any of the added stress.

Show Notes
[02:15] Keith is an IT guy by trade, but his interests in RVs has taken off into a full time gig.
[02:37] Keith got started with an old 1980 RV that they didn't use much. Then he realized that renting RVs around holidays is difficult. Then he got the idea to buy his own and start a business around that.
[04:36] Class A RVs look like buses. Class C looks like vans. Travel trailers need to be pulled by a truck.
[05:33] Touchdown RV has models ranging from 22 feet all the way up to 35 feet.
[05:49] Most RVs have 7 or 8 seat belts.
[06:47] Most RV accidents happen in gas stations, keep in mind the size of the vehicles. Use your mirrors and cameras.
[07:57] To choose the best RV, budget and plan for the amount of money you have and the amount of people who will be with you.
[09:31] Rental costs for a week could be about $1500 to $2000.
[11:46] There are so many RV campgrounds, and you can map out your route with Google. Think of fun destinations like Yellowstone or Indiana Dunes.
[14:18] Branches of Niagara is a great campground.
[16:09] RV spots have picnic tables and campfire areas.
[17:10] Get a campground with full hookup. This means that you have electricity, water, and sewer. Turning the generator on gives you electricity. The RV also has an on-board holding tank. It's a self contained little world.
[18:53] Walmart and Cracker Barrel let you park overnight if needed.
[19:39] Get the best hoses, the best connectors, and gloves.
[23:02] Renting an RV can help you overcome the fear of RVing.
[23:50] The shower is a real shower.
[25:11] RVs can be great for extended family trips, weddings in non-traditional places, movie talent, tailgate parties and more.
[29:44] Disney has campgrounds that accept RVs.

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