About Chris and Di Travel Blogs - Fly with Chris and Di

Chris and Di love to travel! They take every opportunity to travel for pleasure when they are not traveling for work. Whether they are traveling as a couple, with their two amazing teens, or with extended family and friends, they are constantly looking for new and fascinating adventures that this world has to offer.

Over the years, traveling with their kids has kept them on their toes and has created fun challenges. From car sick toddlers and a million potty stops (mostly for Di) to the need to find a 15 mile running trail in Massachusetts for our oldest to train while on an RV trip, the adventure never ends.

Chris and Di live by the motto, "The more the merrier" when it comes to travel. They have taken groups of 20+ out of the country for large group excursions, fun in the sun, and celebrations.

No matter the location, a well planned vacation allows them to relax, unwind, and crank up the FUN! Through their podcasts, social media posts, and tip sheets, they will give you easy to follow tips that will allow you to love your trips!

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