Written by  Paula Pogatchnik

Here it is again the excitement of another vacation, but looming in the back of my mind is, “What will I eat and will I be sabotaging my diet?” With every trip, pleasure or business, it was the same. Food was very central to the trip.  After much thought of what the trip really should be focused on, I have come to realize that travel need not be that sabotage it once was and that I could learn how to eat healthy on vacation. The same strategies you use at home can transfer right over to the same strategies you use during travel. Doing some planning ahead, just like at home, is key.

Bring some healthy snacks

We all know how it is when you don’t eat for a while and then just get ravaging hungry.  When you are “starving” you aren't worried about how to eat healthy on vacation. Well a little baggie of nuts, protein drink, or a protein bar can help ward off that binge eating when you do sit down for a meal.


Are you staying in a hotel? Get a room with a mini fridge.  Stop by the local food mart near your hotel and stock it with healthy fresh foods.  This tip works even when traveling internationally.  Going to the grocery stores in other countries can be so interesting.


The key for how to eat healthy on vacation can be as easy as drinking water! I always pack my favorite Mickey Mouse coffee cup and a soft sports bottle that collapses for travel.  Having that bottle from home will encourage drinking and keeping cost down as you find places to refill. By keeping hydrated, you will feel better and won’t mistake dehydration for hunger.  Remember, alcohol is not beneficial for hydrating.

Going out to eat?

Worried that eating healthy on vacation doesn't include eating out? Yes you can, just do it sensibly.  No matter where you are, you can ask to not have that extra butter added or ask for grilled meats. Does the portion look enormous? Then, portion off what is a healthy serving and leave the rest.  Dessert can be enjoyed, but how about sharing a dessert with your table mates? You'll save yourself calories and even help them in their quest of how to eat healthy on vacation.


Travel is so fun and doesn’t have to center around food and overindulgence. If you slip, don’t stress out about it. Enjoy the treat and make better choices next time. To hear our interview of The Fitness Sisters with their tips on how to stay healthy on vacation click here.

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