We love theme parks! We have traveled to Six Flag, Sea World, Disney Land, Carowinds, Universal Studios, and the happiest place on earth, Walt Disney World! There is so much to see and do at these fun parks. The only problem is the HEAT! Orlando is warm year-round, but during the months of April through September, warm turns to HOT! If you want to enjoy your time at the parks, you will need to be prepared for the Florida summers. Here are a few ways to ensure that you stay cool at Walt Disney World.

Lady in brightly colored costume in parade

  1. Wear a Hat


While visiting Disney, you will want to get into the spirit of things! You don’t just wear any old hat in The World! You want to feel like an insider. If you wait until you arrive a Disney World to purchase a hat or any other kind of Disney gear, you will pay a premium. That’s why we get all of our Disney gear before we go and bring it with us to ensure we stay cool at Walt Disney World. Here are a few of our favorite hats (click each image to find out more)!


Mickey and Minney Mouse Hats


Black ball cap with Minnie Mouse Bow

Pink ball cap with Daisy Duck

  1. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!


We can’t say this enough! Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are no laughing matter. It is important to drink BEFORE you are thirsty. The Florida heat will have you down for the count before you know it if you don’t stay on top of your hydration. Be sure to drink much more water than normal. Try to avoid carbonated beverages as these will not help you to stay hydrated. Sports drinks can help put electrolytes back into your system, but be sure to keep those to a minimum as well as they add a lot of extra sugar. Water should be your go-to and all Disney quick service counters will provide you with a free cup of water when you ask. To help monitor our water intake and to have water with us at all times, we LOVE this collapsible water bottle! Each of us have one and we take it everywhere we go! (click each image to find out more)


Blue Collapsible Water Bottle

  1. Cool Off


As the summer sun beats down on you, you will begin to look for places to cool off. There are tons of great options for this. Head over to one of the great water rides like Splash Mountain, take in a show like It’s Tough to be a Bug, ride an indoor ride like It’s a Small World, or grab a bite to eat in one of the air conditioned restaurants during the heat of the day. They can help you stay cool at Walt Disney World.


Below are some additional ways we like to cool off at Disney and other theme parks. (click each image to find out more)

Purple spray bottle with fan

Four pack of cooling towels


  1. Dress Appropriately


Take all things into consideration. While it might sound like a good idea to wear as little as possible in the heat, keep in mind that you will be leaving a lot of skin exposed to the sun’s rays (see #5). Tank tops can be a good option, but you may want to alternate with short sleeves to give the skin on your shoulders some shade from the rays. In the evenings, women can pop on a breeze sun dress to keep things cool and comfy. Sun dresses are great for casual meals or Disney’s top rated restaurants. Check out a few of our sun dress favorites. (click each image to find out more)

Red sundress on lady

Black t-shirt dress on lady


Be sure to wear the right footwear! One thing is for sure, if you are visiting Disney World you will be doing a LOT of walking. Wear shoes that are made for the task. Young kids can often get away with most shoes, but those of us over 21 usually need a bit more support to avoid back aches and knee pain.


  1. Don’t Get Sunburned


Sometimes this is easier said than done and someone in the group always utters the fateful words, “I never get sunburned!”. Trust us, you WILL get burned if you don’t take precautions no matter your skin type. Be sure to apply sunscreen in the morning BEFORE you head to the parks. Give your skin some time to absorb the sunscreen to keep you from getting burned. Re-apply often, especially when you get wet or are sweating more than usual (which you will!). We use a cream in the morning for great coverage and then switch to a spray for the parks for ease of application. Keeping on a hat and covering your shoulders can help to keep you from getting burned as well. Don’t let a sunburn ruin your vacation. Bring plenty, you will need it. Below are a few of our favorite sunscreens. (click each image to find out more)

Neutrogena Sunscreen

Four pack of Coppertan Sunscreen



We love traveling to theme parks. They give our family memories that last a lifetime. We never want the heat to slow us down and we are sure you agree! You can do so with these tips to ensure that you stay cool at Walt Disney World. To find out more about our tips on how to LOVE your trips, check out our podcast, Fly with Chris and Di, by going to www.flywithchrisanddi.com/podcast-page.