You work hard to reach your fitness goals! The last thing you want is to get off track while traveling. In this post, we will help you answer the question of how to stay fit on vacation.

Written by Elena Kelsey

“Pack your bag. We are going on a gilt trip!” – Oops, actually we are going on that long-awaited trip to Italy (Mexico/Spain/Wherever). There is nothing like experiencing culture through food, so we are going to be on a seafood diet (we see food – we eat it).

Adding 2 – 3 lbs. does not count as a set-back. It is an indication of a vacay well spent, but we don’t want to go crazy and un-do all of the progress we have gained through fitness and healthy eating. Here is how to enjoy the food and not pack on all the extra pounds to bring back home.

Lady in exercise clothing tying her tennis shoe

  1. If I am on a real food rampage and have a goal not to gain any weight at the same time, I will start every single morning on an empty stomach with 30 – 40 minutes of HIIT cardio. This really kicks up my metabolic rate and turns my body into a fat burning furnace.


  1. Drink even more water. This is just imperative. You’ve gotta stay hydrated, especially if day drinking is involved. Also, drinking enough water increases your chances to eat less. Check out this collapsible water bottle that we love! It's perfect for travel. (click here)


  1. Your trip starts when you get to the airport. This is where elevators of all kind should cease to exist for you. Walk all the stairs. Step by step. Booty pump, oh yeah.


  1. Walk or bike everywhere if you can and if it’s safe enough to do so. I usually walk 10 miles on average while traveling. You see more of your travel destination this way and have chances to get lost and find some hidden gems.


  1. A great way to immerse in local culture and interact with locals is to check out gyms. Yes, treat gym visits the same as a visit to a museum. See what classes they offer. Make sure you check the rules and dress code out prior to arriving at the gym. My last trip was to Japan and I had to sign a guarantee that I don’t usually exhibit aggressive behavior, won’t assault other visitors, and that I don’t have any visible tattoos prior to entering gym.


  1. Jumping rope is a cheap way to burn calories. It takes almost zero suitcase space and extremely efficient.


  1. If, for whatever reason, you can’t get to a gym – a local one or the one in your hotel one – you can always do an effective body weight workout. All you need is a timer and above-mentioned jump rope. Three minutes of burpees, followed by 3 minutes of rope jumping, followed by 3 minutes of holding plank. Perform the circuit, rest, and repeat 4 times.


If you follow these simple tips, there is a big chance you will come back slimmer from your vacay in spite of sampling the local cuisine. For more tips on how to stay fit on vacation, listen to our interview of Fitness Sisters.

We would love to hear your tricks on how to stay fit on vacation. Please leave your comments below.